Have you ever looked up an exotic destination and ended up reading someone’s travel blog? These are some of the most interesting search results to be found because you are getting to read all about someone’s first-hand travel experiences to just about any destination out there. These people have either retired and took up blogging, or they are traveling writers, blogging as they go from place to place and earning an income online.


There are many ways that people can become travel writers. I am a travel writer myself, currently on an extended working vacation in Texas after taking an epic road trip to three different destinations and working along the way. Here for the holidays with my family, I will return to the East Coast (New York) after the New Year.

The place I call home is a travel destination that welcomes millions of tourists each year. The writing industry has changed to the point that there are plenty of writing jobs available online. If you can grow your freelancing business to the point where you can earn an income online, then you’re set to be that traveling writer you’ve always wanted to be.

Traveling can help you grow your business if you write about your experiences and turn them into your own blog, complete with income from advertisements and other endeavors. If you’re thinking about becoming a travel writer, assess where you are with your career and consider the destinations you would choose.

To get you in the mode, here’s a fantastic video that really sums up travel:

What would be your goals? How could you sync your travel with your writing in order to not just make an income but grow your income? There are ways to make it happen, and there are plenty of other travel writers out there besides myself who are ready to give you their experiences as well.